Donation Sparks Creativity and Construction in Philly School

20 Feb
casting for school terrace construction

Members of the project team met at the artist’s foundry for a tour. Pictured from left to right: Jason Austin, Landscape Architect; Brook Gardner, Construction Contractor; Ben Walsh, Chair of the Central High School Art Department; Zenos Frudakis, Artist; Dick Prinz, Alumni Association; Harvey Steinberg, President of Alumni Association; Tim McKenna, President of Central High School

Central High School of Philadelphia has unanimously accepted the sculpture “Knowledge is Power” for the entrance area to its building at Ogontz and Olney Avenues. Dr. Fran Shaughnessy, a former psychologist in the Philadelphia public school system, commissioned Zenos Frudakis, a world-renowned artist and sculptor, to create a work that would inspire the enjoyment of learning. Shaughnessy’s generous donation, with appropriate landscaping, will be positioned on the North Lawn facing south.

The sculpture displays a book representing the dual concepts of “Knowledge is Power” and, as noted by Albert Einstein, “Creativity is more important than knowledge.”

We are pleased to renew our relationship with the fine folks at Central High School by building a new terrace to house the sculpture. The installation will occur this spring.

We previously renovated the school’s Barnwell Library.

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