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Emerging Trends in Real Estate

12 Dec

Gardner/Fox President Brook Gardner attended the annual Urban Land Institute 2013 Emerging Trends in Real Estate forecast on November 29th at the Union League. The well-researched, detailed ULI report predicts the following for 2013:

Emerging trends for the design and construction industry:

  • Multi-family rental housing is overbuilt
  • Home builders should expect marginal improvements
  • Compactness, people and business seek smaller spaces
  • Rethink and adapt the suburbs

Best Development Bets

  • Infill locations around mass transit hubs
  • Industrial facilities in transportation hubs (ports and airports)
  • Repurpose obsolete property
  • Apartments, Office and medical office in 24 hour urban markets

For more information contact the ULI,

More on the Bullen Expansion

2 Aug

Those skylights throw down a significant amount of light. Thanks Scott!

Bullen Chemical Warehouse Expansion Update

2 Aug

Bullen Chemical President Scott Jarden conducts a tour of the construction process and expounds on the fire that precipitated the expansion as well as a brief description of directional skylights on the roof.

Philadelphia Fraternal Order of Police Lodge #5 Groundbreaking

14 May

Philadelphia FOP Lodge #5 Groundbreaking

The shovels were in the ground this afternoon on the site of FOP Lodge 5’s new headquarters in the Far Northeast. On the count of three, Gardner/Fox President Brook Gardner, Councilman O’neill Mayor Nutter, FOP President John McNesby, Police Commissioner Ramsey, and First Trust Bank President Tim Abell all broke ground. The ceremony signaled the beginning of construction on the old IRS building at 11630 Caroline Road which will become the FOP’s new home. Renovations are expected to be completed by December.

FOP Lodge #5 Warehouse

Inside the FOP building demolition has been completed and the former IRS offices completely removed. The space is back to its original flex-warehouse concept, awaiting the next stage of construction which will be to layout and cut the floor slabs for the new underground plumbing piping.

Bullen Chemical Warehouse Expansion Update

7 May

Warehouse Expansion Philadelphia PA
Concrete slabs have been poured, skylights are installed and work is underway on rough electrical and fire sprinkler.

Warehouse Expansion Exterior sheathing Philadelphia Pa
New main entry at Product Testing – Metal studs and DensGlass sheathing and the radius knee wall framing on the entry canopy.

Roof Warehouse Expansion Folcroft PA
New skylights follow the path of the sun throughout the day and focus the light into the well below, thus maximizing the natural light in the warehouse.

Bullen Warehouse Expansion with Roof Deck

8 Mar

Warehouse Facility Construction Phladelphia PA
Structural steel nearing completion. Metal pan deck on mezzanine in preparation for concrete pour. Roof deck completed and metal frames installed for skylights.

Facade Replacement Philadelphia PA
Selective demolition underway on existing building façade. Crew is removing former mansard roof which will be replaced with a more contemporary stucco façade.

Construction Warehouse Expansion Folcroft, PA
View from the rear of the building. Sloped roof steel to promote drainage, backfill of foundation and storm water inlet piping is underway.

Construction warehouse expansion philadelphia, pa
View inside the warehouse. New stair tower and stairs to storage mezzanine are complete. Rough grading is underway in preparation for layout and installation of underground utilities.

Warehouse Expansion Philadelphia
View of front of building. Crews are staging masonry materials in readiness for constructing exterior walls while steel erectors install safety cabling on the mezzanine.

Erecting Steel for Bullen Chemical Expansion

24 Feb

Warehouse Expansion Construction Folcroft, PA